Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Derek Jeter won another Gold Glove? Instead of Elvis Andrus? That's totally ridiculous.

I can't do a proper post on this because I'm one day into a two day training class. The good news is that I have a new water heater and dry floors.

I'll be back tomorrow night.


  1. a joke, a mockery, a tribute to Bud Selig's reign

  2. I agree, it is insane. He really shouldn't have won last year either.

  3. Yes he does deserve it and I'll tell you why:

    A. He's Bud Selig's love child.

    B. It was required in George Steinbrenner's last will & testament.

    C. Nike has the contractual obligation that the award is automatically given to Jeter no matter how bad he stinks.

    D. It's a wedding gift from the players union.

    E. Cause he's sleeping with Alex Rodriguez.

    F. It's a "thank you for attempting" award for trying out for "Dancing with the Stars". Alex Rodriguez was his partner.

    G. It's the NEW YORK mentality and the New Yorkers will hunt you down and hurt you if he doesn't win.....nuff said.

  4. Of course you're right Big Kahuna. I overlooked all those reasons. Thanks for straightening me out!