Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun in the Background

I'm continously amazed by some of the vintage cards I've never seen before. The pictures, whether of the main subject, or the background, on some vintage cards are hilarious.

I ran across another one of these yesterday.

How's that for sheer awesomeness? At first glance, you think that Dalton Jones (circa 1971 Topps) doesn't realize that Farmer Joe and his tractor are behind him. You are in fact correct that Jones does not notice the out of place farmer and his trusty tractor. That soon changes however.

If you read closely, you see that Jones hit a "Grand-Slammer" (I love that terminology), but was credited with a single when he passed a runner on the bases. I believe the runner was so distracted by the appearance of the tractor that he slowed down and Jones, also distracted by the tractor, didn't see the runner and ran right past him.

At least that's what I think happened.


  1. cool barn in the background... multiple layers of background goodies there

  2. In another year and a half or so that card will appear on the 1971 Topps blog!