Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling all MCG Card Holders

I've read numerous posts from people regarding the cards they redeemed in the Topps Million Card Giveaway. Many people have mentioned that they have a number of cards they are not going to have shipped. I thought about that for awhile and had a brainstorm.

Or was it a brainfart?

Most of you know I love a good contest. I like to enter them and hold them. How about one that involves those unwanted MCG cards? Here's the idea.

If you're interested and have some cards that you don't plan to request from Topps, you can trade them to me. All of yours for one of my unwanted cards. That way you are left with only one unwanted card and I get to build up a sizable lot of cards. You might have 20 cards from the junk wax era or a few unwanted older cards or anywhere in between. Every time I make a trade I'll make a quick post of what has been added to the lot. If you make a trade you get entered in the contest. The goal will be to build up as big a lot of cards as possible and then make one final trade for something nice and old. At the end, I'll do a randomization of everyone that bought into the contest by trading, and that person will get whatever vintage card I can obtain from the trade.

The more cards I end up with, the more trade ammo I'll have to use to get something good. Or at least something old. I'll leave this open as long as it takes to get it done, but would like to be through by the end of January. There will have to be some coordination to make the trades so that when you offer your 20 cards for my one 1987 Bip Roberts (or whatever) we can make sure I'm the one to accept the offer.

I won't be adding any of my cards to the pot, except the one card to get the trading started, but I also won't be in the running to get the end card.

If you are interested, leave a comment and tell me how many cards you have to offer. If there are multiple people interested (I hope there is, because it won't work otherwise) then I'll go in order of comment. I will then get with you via email and we'll work out the details of a trade. I think there are enough people holding unwanted cards in their portfolio that this could really work out well. Be patient if you want in and I'll get to you.

If you want in and want to make this work, it might help to publicize it a bit on your blog. It isn't required, but the more deals I can make, the better off we'll be when I finally get to the end.

In the event only a few people follow through and I can't get something at least from the '50s, I'll throw in something for the winner's collection or some packs.

This contest will not be a part of the 2010 contests which will have a big winner after the New Year.

Questions, thought, interest??? Let me know!


  1. Wow, such a cool idea! Iwish I still had cards left lol.

  2. It's a good idea but how do we know what you have to offer?

  3. Darkship...

    If we get ready to do a deal, I’ll let you know a crappy card in my portfolio that you can offer all your cards for and then I’ll accept the deal. We have to coordinate it so I can be ready when you make the offer, otherwise someone else will get the cards.

    Say for example you have 11 cards you don’t want to get shipped. You could offer them to me for whatever spare card I have, like a 1987 Bip Roberts. I’ll accept your cards and do that as many times as possible to hopefully build up enough cards to get something nice and vintage like to randomize away to all participants. Make sense??? Let me know if you’re interested, because this will only work if we get enough people to build up a collection of cards to offer for something.

  4. I could probably go for this. I don't have a ton, but also have no use for them.

  5. I'm in. I only have two cards right now though. Is there a way to just send over my two and not get a card in return?

  6. I am in and here is what i have to offer:
    2004 #51 Danny Graves

    2008 #530 Ryan Zimmerman

    2006 #101 Chad Orvella

    2009 #60a Mariano Rivera

    1987 Mike Schmidt

    1987 #331 Team Leaders Card- New York Mets

    maybe 1987 #393 Pete Rose

    I will hang on to my 1972 #420 Steve Carlton

    let me know what you need from me.

  7. here is a list of all the cards i have in MCG,

  8. I have a 1960 Chuck Tanner and a 1978 Earl Weaver as well as 9 other cards. Let me know who to offer the trade for and when.