Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it that far from Pennsylvania to Texas?

I finally found a few 2010 Topps Update rack packs at the store last night. Since yesterday was payday, I picked up two "just to check them out".

"Just to check them out" means get a start on collecting the update set, but we don't have to call it that. Yet.

I'd love to show you the Nationals rookie pitcher I pulled....Luis Atilano.

I'd really love to show you the play at the plate cards of Ryan Ludwick, Marlon Byrd and Jason Kendall.

I'd really, really love to show you the beautiful Turkey Red Roy Campanella that I pulled.

Unfortunately, I'm still scannerless and unless I get one for Christmas, probably will be until after the holidays. So, as much as I'd love to show off those cards, I can't.

I can show the results of my two MCG codes.

First up we have...

a 1979 Dave Campbell. Well, not exactly what I was hoping for, but it beats a 2009 Jose Bautista.

The second card was a bit better.

Within a couple of minutes of unlocking this 1977 Dave Concepcion, I started getting trade offers. I accepted the second one which added this card to my "portfolio".

A nice 1976 Bert Blyleven. I'll get this one delivered, unless I can bundle it with some other cards in a trade offer for something better.

That's probably it for new card purchases until the new year rolls around. I'm going to be putting any card money towards that scanner anyway.

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  1. I might have an idea about a scanner--hit me up via email and we'll talk.