Monday, November 8, 2010

November Contest Winner

Here is the randomization of the 184 entries in the November contest. It was a load of fun typing those names into the list.

I was surrounded by workmates so there's no narration, but you can see that I randomized the list 3 times.

Congrats to Hackenbush, aka Can't Have to Many Cards. Hack, shoot me an email address and some of your team/player/set interests and I'll see what I might have to add to the prize pack.

Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. By the way, you spelled my name wrong when you entered it. That last name starts with ST...not SH.

    I call for a do-over!

    Seriously, a round of applause for a great contest idea. And consider sharing any insight you may have gotten from the project to drive more comments. As far as I can tell, the main way to get comments on a blog is to add in incorrect info or be brutal.

    I'm too nice to do the second thing, and really don't want to do the first one any more than necessary.

  2. Congrats Hackenbush!

    Great contest as always Brian!

    You are a master of the contest my friend...

    Good stuff!

  3. Chris-my humble apologies for misspelling your name. I'll definitely be putting together some posts about the questions.

    Thanks Marck!