Thursday, November 25, 2010

The What I'm Thankful For Thanksgiving Post

First, let me wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are able to spend it with family and friends. Take a moment today to say a prayer, if you do that sort of thing, for all the men and women in the military or supporting the military around the world. They won't get to spend their Thanksgiving with family and it's always a tough day for those folks.

I could list all the "real world" things I'm thankful for, but I'll save that for my family time. I want to use this post to mention the things I'm thankful for about this hobby.

1. It has provided a connection between my youth and my adult life to my son. He hasn't gone crazy over the hobby, which is healthy, but he likes Rangers, Longhorns and Cowboys. He likes looking through my old cards and it's always funny to see his reaction when he touches a card that isn't slicker than a used car salesman. He still thinks a gray swatch relic card is "super sweet" and has Never, Ever, called a pull "sick". I love that unjaded view and it keeps me grounded.

2. I've "virtually" met some great people through the blogs. Many of you have become trading partners and even friends. I haven't traded with all of you (yet), but just getting to know you through your blogs/comments has been great.

3. Because of some of your amazing blogs, I've learned that the back of a card can be just as interesting, if not more so, than the front. I've also learned that the player isn't always the most interesting part of a card photo. Pay attention to what's going on in the background.

4. The Texas Rangers made it to their first World Series and I got to take my son to Game 4. I know that's not technically hobby related, but I'm still thankful for it.

5. This time around the hobby is just that, a hobby. I haven't let it become an obsession.

6. I'm thankful anyone takes the time to read the chaos that spills out on a semi-regular basis. I started this blog to post the numerous trades that I was making and it's turned into an outlet that I really enjoy

I'm sure there is much more to be thankful for, but as is the norm for me, if I don't write it down when it pops into my head, it oftentimes isn't there when I try to remember it later.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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