Monday, November 22, 2010

The Texas Triangle

I'm wiped out.

In the NBA, teams will sometimes be forced by the schedulers to face the "Texas Triangle". That's three road games in a row that take you to Dallas, San Antonio and Houston (not necessarily in that order).

I faced my own Texas Triangle this week. I drove the family from Dallas to Austin on Friday. We enjoyed about 44 hours visiting with my mother and on Sunday at noon, we drove from Austin to Houston for a wedding. The wedding was at 4 pm and we left at 5:35 to drive back home to Dallas. We arrived home a little after 9:30, unpacked the car and I left for work.

Here I sit, tired and more than a little grumpy. If I can just make it through tonight, I'll be able to sleep good in the morning.

I'm hoping to update the MCG tradeathon tomorrow night. A few more people have expressed an interest and one person actually sent me two codes to throw in the mix.

Until then...

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