Friday, November 19, 2010

You know you want in!

A few days ago, I invited people who had unwanted cards on the Topps MCG site to send them to me. The idea is for me to pool as many cards together as possible and trade them for something vintage and then random it off to all the participants.

Last night the trading started in the Topps MCG Tradeathon.

Jimmy from the blog Prophet Got It...was the first to respond to my email. We actually made three trades in a row.

The newest card in my portfolio was a 1980 Allen Ripley. Believe it or not, Jimmy sent over the follwoing cards for Mr. Ripley:
'87 Mets Team Leaders Card
'87 Tony Gwynn
'87 Mike Schmidt All-Star
'02 Reggie Sanders
'04 Danny Graves
'06 Chad Orvella
'08 Ryan Zimmerman
'09 Mariano Rivera

I immediately sent the '06 Orvella back to Jimmy for the Ripley with the idea that a 1980 card is better than a 2006 card.

Jimmy then decided to throw another 4 cards in the pile. I sent the '04 Danny Graves back his way and he sent these:
'87 Pete Rose mgr
'89 Ozzie Smith
'01 Dan Wilson
'06 Chad Orvella

Next up on the tradeathon is The Brooklyn Met from Clear Cut Cards.

I sent him the '06 Orvella in exchange for the following:
'81 Preston Hanna
'85 Tim Foli First Draft Pick
'02 Bobby Jones

The third trader of the evening was Kerry from Cards on Cards. I sent Kerry the '02 Reggie Sanders in exchange for:
'70 Fred Talbot
'84 Bobby Brown
'91 Roy Smith
'94 Manual Lee
'05 Matt Holliday

The final trader for last night was Jeremy from No One's Going to Read this Blog.

I sent Jeremy the '02 Bobby Jones in exchange for:
'07 Brandon McCarthy
'07 Garret Atkins

That's a pretty good start. If I counted correctly, that's 19 cards that I can put toward a trade for something worth paying to have shipped.

It's not too late to get involved. If you have unwanted cards and you want a shot at whatever vintage card I can trade for, go here for the details. I won't be able to get with you on trades until late Sunday/early Monday and then into next week. Leave a coment and I'll get in touch with you.


  1. I have a small handful of cards in the MGC from 1969-'90 including two of Pete Rose and a Gossage. I wrote a post about it on my blog. You're welcome to grab them if you want. Drop me an email if you want to make a deal.

  2. I've only got one-198? Andre Dawson. I can trade it for something crappy. I've got six, or so, Dawsons already. Email me when you're ready to deal.

  3. i've got a bunch of cards I dont really want. I already for the Bip Roberts cards I wanted.