Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another '56 play at the plate

I know it may not seem like it lately, but I don't only talk Rangers. I also collect play at the plate cards.

You may also recall I have had a bit of a crush on the Topps Million Card Giveaway promotion. I can admit in hindsight that I fell for it in an unhealthy way. I used to log in throughout the day trying to make trades. Now I still log in each night, but that's normally to decline about 40 trades and make the occasional offer.

Last week, I finally made an offer that was good enough to obtain one of the 1956 play at the plate cards I've been drooling over.

I recently posted about my desire to get this 1956 Bill Sarni play at the plate card. I wanted it for 3 reasons. First, it's vintage. Second, it's a play at the plate. Last, and certainly not least, I'm convinced it features a steal of home by Jackie Robinson. Why do I think that? Well, I suspected it when I made my post. I was convinced when I read this post by Night Owl. He found a game that fits the action on the card and it was indeed Jackie Robinson involved in the play. You should check out Night Owl's description of the play.

I'm not going to recap Bill Sarni's career. I did a very brief write-up in that original post.

This is one of 45 cards in my MCG portfolio. I'm still trying to make one last trade for another '56 patp card and then I'll request shipment of the cards.

I'm looking forward to the feel of this cardboard greatness in my hand.

By the way, I noticed today that I had 102 followers. That's cool. It's only about 101 more than I thought I would ever get.


  1. I too am still interested in the Million Card Giveaway but most trade reguests go unfufilled. I have been adding too my team card collection though the site though. 13 of the 51 cyber cards I have are the team variety