Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sad, Not Mad

Of course I'm sad the Texas Rangers lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

I'm not mad though. The Giants pitching overwhelmed the Rangers hitters. The Rangers pitchers weren't as sharp. It's really that simple.

I still want to do a recap of the game I went to, Game 4. I need to do a Series recap, maybe as a cathartic way of dealing with the result.

I'm just not up for it today. I'm spent.

Literally spent.

I've gotten very little sleep the last few days, yet the responsibilities of real life don't take a break because your favorite team is in the World Series.

I've got a lot of blog housekeeping to take care of this week. I need to mail a number of packages in the next couple of days. That means I have to prepare them for the PO. I have to randomize the World Series Contest winner. I need to post the November contest. I have to figure out the issue with my scanner, if it can be figured out.

And guess what? You all don't care about that stuff. You just want what you want. And I know that is for Spring Training to come soon. That's what I want.

I love November baseball! Especially when it involves my Rangers!

I'm going to sleep about 10 hours later today. Hopefully, that will put me back on track and I can get back to my regular posting schedule. If you read this far, thanks. If you didn't...well, then you're not reading are you?


  1. Have a good sleep! Sorry the Rangers didn't win, but a really good season nonetheless. I can't help with the scanner issues. I'm having scanner issues too. There's always next year.

  2. Hey man, the Rangers played exciting baseball up until the end. Sorry they didn't pull it out, but the whole country knows just how good they are now.

  3. Pretty bummed myself and I only spent a couple of weeks on the bandwagon... Sleep will help and the readers will be there when you are back on track... Glad you got to see a World Series game. Win or lose that is one of the best things ever!

  4. Those pesky Giants . . . I had very little invested outside of my own prediction, and I'm bummed and not updating a thing.

    Spring Training!