Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have a confession to make

I haven't touched a real baseball card in almost a week.

I've been too busy with "virtual" cards in the MCG Tradeathon that I'm putting together.

At last count, I had 19 cards (I think) from a total of 4 particpants. That first round of trades was covered here.

Today, we have two more transactions to cover.

First up, Ryan from "O" No!!!...Another Orioles Blog didn't have a card to throw in, but he offered up two codes for me to redeem. That's just as good as a trade and actually gets two cards in the mix without having to give up any. I waited until I saw a few '50s cards on the board and plugged them into the site.

The first code unlocked a 2004 Woody Williams. Meh.

The second code unlocked this nice Action card.

A 1972 Claude Osteen In Action to be exact. That will go nice with the trade I try to put together.

Thanks Ryan!

Next up was a trade from Darkship of Midwest Cardboard fame. He added 19 cards to the Tradeathon coffers. In exchange for a 2007 Brandon McCarthy, Todd sent over:

'74 Winston Llenas
'79 Jason Thompson
'79 Don Robinson
'79 Jeff Newman
'86 Tom Waddell
'86 Terry Harper
'93 Pete Smith
'93 Prospects Card
'94 Tim Hulett
'95 Gabe White
'98 Mark Grudzielanek (I'd like to see hs auto on a mini card)
'98 Luis Gonzalez
'98 Mark Loretta
'02 Dave Martinez
'05 Sydney Ponson
'05 Billy Koch
'05 Bob Melvin
'07 Brian Fuentes
'07 Elijah Dukes

During the email back and forth with Todd, he noted that he wanted to participate in the Tradeathon because he was tired of people offering 2007 commons for his 1970's cards. I thought it was ironic then that he traded me all his cards for ONE 2007 common.

I believe we now have 39 cards in the Tradeathon pot and three or four more people who are interested in partipating. Drop me a comment if you're interested and I'll try to coordinate a deal with you too.


  1. Drop me a line. You're welcome to the stuff I've accumulated.

  2. I thin kyou need to contact this guy...