Saturday, November 6, 2010

Box Break Question

I've only been around the blogosphere a little over a year. I participate in a group break now and then and I understand how they work. I can watch the video and see what cards come out of the break and everything makes sense.

I don't watch a lot of random box breaks on Youtube, but I will occasionally check out a break if there is an opportunity to get in on a box break from another blogger. That gives me some idea of what to expect out of a product I may not have ever opened myself.

What I don't understand are the videos where some guy is apparently opening a whole box or boxes for someone else. Why do some people order boxes only to let some other person open the box? A huge part of the thrill of buying packs/boxes is opening the packs myself. I can't imagine ordering a box of cards only to watch a video of someone else having all my fun!

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?


  1. I'm with you--as far as gratification goes, there's such a thing as TOO instant. If you're not gonna open your own boxes, send them to me!

  2. there are, and I don't understand them at all, hit seekers.
    They buy the boxes/cases looking for hits. I've seen it time and time again at my LCS.
    They open the box, or in this case have someone else open it for them, keep the 'hit' and throw away all of the other cards.

    At my LCS he gets boxes and boxes of cards every trade night from people busting bboxes, keeping 2-3 cards and leaving the rest on the counter.


  3. Outside of group breaks, I don't even see the point of video box breaks. If you want to show off your hits, great - just don't expect me to sit through your video.

    I don't want to watch people open cards; I'd rather open my own.

  4. I love the thrill of opening packs. I'll stick around to watch other people open packs. But I definitely agree. Unless I'm being nice to some kid and allowing him to open some of my packs with me, I'm opening my own stuff.

  5. People often wonder why I do the group breaks if I am not going to participate or turn a profit. Its because I like opening the wax. I would never have someone bust a box for me.

  6. A lot of it is done by people looking to flip the cards right away. If you check the comments of the videos, people are immediately making offers to trade and buy the cards in the video. It's just another way to drum up interest in what they're selling.

  7. I've actually had Chris from the Hobby Box break several boxes for me. Now don't get me wrong I like opening my own boxes but it's fun to see and share my break with others and this is a good way to do it. I do know that Chris will post cards on E-bay that he pulls for you and you do get A LOT of trade offers if you pull a big hit. I watch most of the breaks that he does and use it as a good way to see if a product is worth buying or not. Have to say that having someone open a box for you is really about instant gratification. And I say don't knock it until you try it!

  8. As far as having a dealer break a box I've purchased, I would never do it. Agree that ripping the packs is a large part of the fun. Posible reasons for doing it?

    1-Wanting to show off your cards
    2-If its a brand new release, finding out what you got instead of waiting the extra days for the shipment.
    3-If there is a huge hit and you want it graded or sold, you avoid having to ship it back to the store.
    4-A lot of trades come from other who view the videos.

    I watch certain breaks of really high end cards, the kinds that sell for $75 and up a pack because I wont be purchasing them, but I like to see what it like to get the hit more than just looking at a scan of the card.

    On my blog I created the SPEED-break™, where I take a 30 minute box break and speed it up so it can be viewed in 10 minutes. Every card is displayed and verbally identified, but its fast. If there is a particular card you want to view, you can always pause the video, but you don't have to watch the entire break in real time, except for the hits, over three videos

  9. Awesome question... I've thought about this myself. I figured that they must get an awesome discount on the box, since it's advertising for the shop on YT.

    Either way... I'm not paying anyone to rip my packs... it's rare that I bust packs, so when I buy some... i'm ripping them. ;-)