Friday, November 26, 2010

Ye Olde Tradeathon Update

If anyone is still interested in participating in Ye Olde Tradeathon, you can see the original trade post here. I'll let this ride through to the end of November and then finish it up. However, that's not really what this post is about.

I've made a number of trades since last updating the MCG Tradeathon.

The first three are trades that don't involve someone who is in the contest. These were just random offerings I accepted to upgrade cards in our lot.

I accepted a 1993 Will Clark for a 1993 David Wells. Huge upgrade in my opinion. I accepted a 1988 Tony Gwynn for a 1987 Tony Gwynn. Why you ask? Because I also accepted a 1987 Tony Gwynn for a 1987 Pete Rose. So basically that was an '88 Gwynn for the Rose, which I think is an upgrade.

This first trade with someone entering the contest came courtesy of Chris over at The Vintage Sportscards Blog. You should check his other blog out as well, 1973 Topps. Here is what Chris sent over in exchange for a 2007 Brian Fuentes card.

'70 Gates Brown
'72 Jim Fregosi
'76 Randy Moffitt
'79 Al Cowens
'86 Pete Rose
'87 Rich Gossage...Rich, not Goose (but it is Goose!)
'89 Pete Rose
'89 Team Leader Yankees
'90 Curt Schilling--oddly enough, I get quite a few trade offers for this card.

Next up is Justin. I don't know if Justin has a blog (let me know if you do!) He had only one card, but it was a definite upgrade. I sent Justin a 2007 Eijah Dukes ( I didn't misspell that, Topps has it listed as Eijah, not Elijah) for this:

A 1988 Andre Dawson All-Star card. As Justin said, it is very, very yellow.

Our next intrepid trader is Rod from the great blog Padrographs. He sent over some nice cards for a lowly 2005 Sidney Ponson.

'69 Lee May--that's a nice card.
'74 Jim Rooker
'74 Von Joshua
'78 Manny Mota
'80 Mike Heath
'83 Frank Robinson
'00 Jay Buhner
'07 Kris Benson

Last, but not least, is Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog. The Topps site was experiencing some technical difficulties when we were trying to make our deal, so we did a small experimental trade to test it. I sent over a 2007 Kris Benson for this:

A 1984 Topps 1983 Highlights card. 1983 was a bad year for the Big Train. Once we figured out the trading feature was actually working, we finished our deal. I sent Scott a 2005 Billy Koch and he sent over the following cards.

'78 Dave May
'87 Steve Garvey
'87 Eddie Murray
'01 Ivan Rodriguez
'07 Kris Benson--worst card ever!

That should give us 58 cards so far if I've counted right. Shoot me an email or leave if a comment if you still want to take part in the tradeathon.

*EDIT* Justin does have a blog...check it out at Justin's World.


  1. I really like the Gates Brown--would you trade it for the cards I mentioned in your first tradeathon post? If you need me to find them again I can, or send me an email at caljr3000 @ gmail

  2. unrelated to your post...thanks for clearing up my post for me, i was close...anyways, i will have to find a way to thank you.

    I would like to offer 3 more cards:
    -1985 Tom Brunasky
    -1982 Joe Sambito
    -1982 Rick Cerone