Friday, September 10, 2010

What is the cornerstone of your collection?

What is the number one piece in your collection?

Is it a cool piece of memorabilia? A beautiful vintage card? Maybe it's a complete set from your birth year.

I don't know if I have something that fits that description.

I have this program, signed by a variety of Rangers and George W. Bush. I got him to sign while he was part of the ownership group so it pre-dates his run as Texas Governor and U.S. President. It's cool to have, but I don't know if I would call it the cornerstone of my collection.

At one point I was a game used cap away from having a complete game worn uniform of Rusty Greer. I had the jersey, the pants and the cleats. My goal was to put it on a mannequin in my man-cave. I ended up selling those items before I could complete the set. Or get a man-cave.

That leaves me with...well, with nothing to really call the cornerstone of my collection.

How about you....?


  1. Two cards, a t205 Christy Mathewson
    and a TTM signed (in 1975) 1961 Ron Santo

  2. Hmmm...hard to say. I think I have a few:
    - My 1973 Schmidt/Cey/Hilton rookie that I got for 75 cents.
    - My Seneca Wallace 1/1 (hopefully I'll have more to join it!)
    - My Terry Virtue signed ticket stub. He never had an autographed card, so it's the only auto of his I'll probably ever get.
    - Furthermore, my jersey signed by basically the entire Worcester Ice Cats team of 2004. Problem is it's lost in my parent's house, which is hoarding city. So who the hell knows where it's at. If I ever find it, I'll post it.
    - Finally, the V.J. Lovero Mike Piazza card. It's an insane card of him, Eric Karros, and a cardboard Tommy LaSorda, and it's one of my favorite cards ever.

    That's probably my biggest cornerstones. Some McGriffs might come close, but those above take the cake.

  3. I would say I have a few. The first two would be the framed tickets I have from taking my son to the final season at the old Yankee Stadium, and the recent trip to Fenway Park. The other would be my complete set of base Topps Mariners cards from 1977 until now. If I could only finish the super set of all other base Mariners I would be a happy camper.

  4. I answered this question long ago:

  5. '89 Donruss Griffey...the reason I collect. It's all about the cheap stuff.

  6. One of these:

    - A 1975 George Brett rookie mini card
    - My 1989 WS game 3 earthquake ticket stub with the rain check stub torn off for the rescheduled game 3
    - My 173 regular season ticket stubs in 1986 from 11 different ballparks
    - An unbroken Alfredo Griffin bat, complete with pine tar and handle tape, which I later had him autograph.

  7. I also answered this question in a blog bat-around. It's the 1975 Topps set. So the cornerstone of my collection is now a blog!

  8. Hmmmmmm, good question, I have a few as well:

    - 1956 Yankees Team Card
    - Derek Jeter Masterpieces Jersey Auto
    - Yogi Berra Signed 8x10
    - Peyton Manning Signed TTM Card

    I have a lot of great cards, but I think those are the 4 pieces that stand out most in my collection

  9. Damn hard question to hard for me,,,But i think first of all the non baseball piece that stands out in my collection is my Magic Johnson signed basketball and shoe.....It was a great day to meet Magic and shake his hand.

    Now on to my baseball collection... i have many great cards autographes... But my all time great piece is my Florida Marlins 08-09 team autographed bat.... it has the all team plus the coaches.

  10. I've got a HOF or future HOF from every base set Topps has made. I ask people their birth year and then show them the card that corresponds. Amazing the memories and emotions that flow afterward.

  11. It used to be a UD 500 HR Club bat/auto of Eddie Matthews (worth $800-$1000 at one point) but now I'd say it's a '99 SP Signature Griffey auto I pulled. I also pulled a 2001 Fleer Platinum Willie Mays auto, but it doesn't look nearly as good. Hopefully, though, I'll end up with a Ripken eventually, and THAT will be my cornerstone.

  12. My cornerstone is a fat binder full of key rookies. But as for the one card--it would have to be my bent, dinged 1959 Coot Veal Topps card. My first bit of vintage from when I was a kid and my dad got it from one of his customers at his record store. It's a sentimental cornerstone with a low BV.

  13. Well..I haven't been collecting long enough to really have something that cool to call the "cornerstone" of my collection. I have been slowly buying up cards from the '69 Topps set (which is the year I was born), so I think if I ever complete it, I would probably consider that the cornerstone.

  14. Hmmm... that is a good question. I think my cornerstone is a binder I created with box scores from all the MLB and minor league games I have been to in the past five or six years.

  15. I have to say that my cornerstone(s) are the three best pack pulled cards I have.

    -2007 Donruss Elite Adrian Peterson autograph numbered out of 24 (Last pack in a box the LCS owner wanted to get rid of and sold me cheap!)

    -2007 National Treasures jumbo patch autograph Adrian Peterson out of 99

    -2008/09 Upper Deck Radiance Michael Jordan on card autograph

    I think about selling one or more of these to help pay some stuff off but can never bring myself to actually do it. I live the look of all three. I still shake a bit when I pull them out to look at them.

  16. I would have to say the corner stone of my baseball card collection would be my complete set of Topps Aurelio Rodriguez cards...some are autographed.

  17. I would say the cornerstone is my Detroit Tiger collection. I have yearbooks, books, and cards going back to the 60s. I like to pull out the older items and look back through history to see what was written about the team at the time.

  18. Probably my Mike Huckabee signed book. I also have a ball signed by all of the members of the 2008 Mississippi Braves (ATL-AA). Won that in a drawing at a game that happened to be on my birthday, so that's pretty cool. Other than that, I don't really have anything that qualifies as a "cornerstone".

  19. i would have to say that Jeter card with Pres. Bush and Mantle in the background, its the base version, but it is still a card i love looking at, its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Most of my big hits usually end up making their way to eBay, so the cornerstones of my collection would be a lot different than most people's.

    One of those things is probably my 1992 Bowman set. I was one of the few people looking forward to the release of the set and purchased a box for $54 when it first came out (which was a lot of money for a box of cards back then). I was lucky enough to track down one lone Mike Piazza rookie for $3 (the first Beckett price it listed for) which was the start of my Piazza card collection.

    I'll always hold on to the first Dwight Evans rookie that I purchased. It's not in the greatest condition, but I bought it myself back in the 80s when Dewey was still playing. To this day, he's still my all-time favorite Sox player.

    All of the in-person autographs that I have in my collection. I rarely pay to get an autograph at a card show so most of these are from free appearances. The good thing about those is that they tend to be a little more lenient about things instead of rushing you through the line like they do at card shows. I've gotten Roger Clemens, Dee Brown, Bill Russell, Mo Vaughn, Willie McGinnest, etc. I've also had some good interactions at card shows by waiting until lines die down although most times I end up tongue tied when it comes to my favorite players.

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