Friday, September 10, 2010

What's wrong with me?

Normally I hate manupatches. They are typically boring, pointless and ugly. Many times Topps will use them as a "bonus" in blasters! Oooh, thanks so much Topps!

You'll notice I started off by saying that I normally hate manupatches. That can only mean that there is at least one that I don't hate. Actually it's a whole series that I showed here.

Keith over at Back In Packs was kind enough to send me this one as part of a trade.

This is the Josh Hamilton manupatch cap logo from 2010 Topps. These are numbered to 99 (everyone oohs and aahs) and maybe someday I'll put together the whole team set. Maybe.

Keith also sent over this 2010 Topps Opening Day Ian Kinsler. This looks sort of refractory so I think it's a parallel. I like shiny!

He also included another parallel from the Opening Day set. This Neftali Feliz is #1597/2010. I know, it's beyond fair, but that's life.

Keith included a few other Rangers and some Longhorns that were a huge hit with the boy.

Thanks Keith! Get back to posting on your blog and I'll try to get some people to check you out!!


  1. I still have the Kinsler for you. I haven't forgotten.

  2. Yeah, I hate manu-patches too, but that card is pretty bad ass... I have been meaning to comment on how much I love the new blog header, AWESOME!!! The second half of your group break take went out today... I do believe that you will be pleased...

  3. Manupatches are still freakishly weird and pointless. Every once in awhile though there's one that's nicely designed.