Sunday, September 12, 2010

Joy of an Incomplete Page: Part 4

This is the fourth installment in a five part series. This page comes from my original binder. It was the binder that I carried back and forth to my best friend's house when we traded cards. The open spaces in the page were left behind after we traded cards.

This page takes us a little further into my limited collection of vintage cards.

The front of the page has only 4 cards.

The top row has a very thin Joe Niekro circa 1977 Topps. The cartoon on the back of the card says "A ball bouncing into the outfield stands was once considered a home run". I did not know that.

The middle row has a smiling Jim Rice from the 1979 Topps set. He should really watch out because 1978 Topps Ron Guidry is about to bean him. That Sox-Yankees rivalry could really get out of hand.

The bottom row has a lonely, contemplative 1979 Bob Horner.

Let's move on to the back page.

Wow, two cards in each row. It's almost overcrowded on this side. The top row has a couple of League Leader cards. First up is the 1973 Topps Home Run Leaders card featuring a very happy Johnny Bench and Dick Allen. Just so you know, they led their leagues with 40 and 37 homers respectively. Next up is the 1972 Topps A.L. ERA Leaders card. Vida Blue, Wilbur Wood and Jim Palmer are your happy leaders.

Row two starts off with a very nice 1961 Topps Don Newcombe 1956 MVP. Is that confusing or what? Next to Mr. Newcombe is a 1972 Topps Billy Martin "In Action" card. Big shock that Martin is arguing with the ump.

The last row has another pair of nice "group" cards. The first up is a 1966 Topps Buc Belters cards featuring a very young Willie Stargell and Donn Clendenon. These sluggers are joined by some of the best pitchers in baseball. Steve Carlton (27), Gaylor Perry (24) and Wilbur Wood (24) are featured on the 1973 Victory Leaders card.

Only one page left. Don't be sad.

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