Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Post Brought to You by the Number 2

That's a "Sesame Street" reference for all you youngsters. I grew up watching Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. That is why I know how to spell, count and leave my dirty outside shoes at the door.

The number 2 is all about current NFL records. I'm not a big football card collector, but I do like football. I'll buy a few packs now and then, but I usually save my money for baseball stuff. I'm very surprised by some of the current records for NFL teams.

I'll break it down into three categories.

Not Surprised:

Carolina Panthers: 0-2 I never expect much out of the Panthers.

St. Louis Rams: 0-2 Sam Bradford may be a future star or not, but rookie QBs don't usually fare too well and they won't be doing well in St. Louis anytime soon.

Detroit Lions: 0-2 No surprise here, but that Jahvid Best kid looks goooooood!

Buffalo Bills: 0-2 No offense to Night Owl, but this is no shocker.

Cleveland Browns: 0-2 Do I need to say anything else? They have some good pieces, but they
aren't working.

Green Bay Packers: 2-0 The only winner in the bunch and a popular Super Bowl pick. No surprise here.

Mildly Surprised:

Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-0 The QB issue made them vulnerable, but that defense is stout.

Chicago Bears: 2-0 Cutler looks good, but I'm not sure if they beat the Cowboys or if the Cowboys just suck.


Miami Dolphins: 2-0 I've gotten used to not paying any attention to Miami so this is a total surprise to me.

Kansas City Chiefs: 2-0 Matt Cassel is pathetic. He was obviously a product of a good system in New England and is 26 of 50 for 224 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 picks through two games. That'll get about zero more wins this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-0 See Miami above.

Minnesota Vikings: 0-2 This is a big shock and tell me if you think Brett isn't wishing he was back in Mississippi right now.

Dallas Cowboys: 0-2 I think most Cowboys fans are in shock. Everyone says the Cowboys have the best team on paper, but guess what...the games are played on the field and the Cowboys look like a warm pile of dog poop.

I'm looking ahead to the Cowboys-Lions game on November 21st. I just want to see Jahvid Best play.

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  1. Hey, I just did a Sesame Street post! ... Probably won't ever do a football post like this though.