Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beardy goes to the National

Not quite Mr. Smith goes to Washington, but hey, it worked out great for me.

The great Beardy held a contest and guess who won some National swag? Well, sure it was easy, it's not like I'd be posting if someone else won.

Of all the prizes he had to choose from, I took the Topps and Panini VIP packs.

The Topps VIP pack was great. It had a couple of legends and a couple of....Yankees. I kid, I'm a kidder.

Super duper young Nolan Ryan

I had intended to post this on Cal's birthday, but I define disorganized, so I missed it.

I know, I know, Mickey Mantle is a legend too. Topps will NOT let us forget it.

Is that a great shot or what? Yogi has the face of a catcher.

The Panini VIP pack was all basketball. I didn't want to waste the space scanning these individually. They aren't bad, but I'm not much of a basketball card guy.

This did not come in Beardy's VIP pack ( I don't think ), but he included it anyway. It's a totally and completely unlicensed 2010 UD Ian Kinsler Jersey. The best part is the Richard P. McWilliam really wants me to enjoy it. It says so right on the back!! Beardy also threw in a bunch of cards off my 2010 A&G list.

Beardy, thanks for sharing part of the National with us poor hermits who couldn't make it to the big show!


  1. Man those Crown Royale cards are cool.

  2. The flag on the Ripken card is very odd.