Wednesday, September 1, 2010

World's Greatest Mom=Discount Blasters

My mom contributed nicely to help my wife buy my birthday present. That gift had nothing to do with my card hobby though. A couple of days ago, I received a surprise envelope from her with a nice little Wally World gift card. She said she knew I didn't get any cards for my birthday (She didn't know about the '75 Willie Stargell mini my son gave me).

My intention was to buy a few packs of 2010 Topps football, just to get a taste of it. When I arrived at the card aisle, I noticed the discount blaster shelves had been restocked. I grabbed 4 discounted blasters along with one blaster of 2010 Topps Football and a couple of the football rack packs.

The first blaster I the car (ahem...) was 2007 Bowman Heritage. I bought one of these before, so I thought maybe I'd go for the set. Here's the goods from this blaster.

The Lone Ranger. Of the blaster that is. Michael Young.

Kei Igawa rainbow.

Elijah Dukes rainbow

Delmon Young rainbow

B.J. Upton rainbow

The Rays were well represented in this blaster.

Josh Hamilton rainbow
Not a Ranger card, but I like it!

Mickey Mantle rainbow: 1 of 5

Mickey Mantle rainbow: 5 of 5

A verly small sliver of Vladimir Alvino Guerrero's bat. This is from Group B and falls 1:46 packs.

This is the second signs of greatness auto I pulled. I got a Carl Crawford in the other discount blaster. This is Jeff Manship. Uh huh, I had the same thought. Who is Jeff Manship? He made one start for the Twins, back on May 1st. He has been back and forth between the Twins and Rochester this year, but is currently on the big league roster. He got his seond big league win August 18th. He is 1-0 with a 2.41ERA in 18.2innings this season. On-card is the way to go. You hear me Topps?

I got a number of the background variations and signature-free cards as well. My first blaster had rainbows with signatures and this blasters had rainbows with no signatures. I have to thank Dayf over at the Cardboard Junkie for posting about these cards back in 2007. I found his old posts via Google searches and now have some idea of the variations and SPs. Thanks Dayf.

There you have it. I like these cards. I bought one more blaster that I'm going to do something else with later today.


  1. That Hamilton card is kind of creepy lookin

  2. Manship is also the lucky recipient of the wookie backback when he's at the show. Could be worse, think Hello Kitty...

    (2 days to go for the Rangers visit. Maybe if Detroit continues to bean/injure our players, you might have a chance!)

  3. The Twins are going down Timmy!!!! Just like they did in Texas.

  4. I did 4 or 5 boxes of these back when they came out, a fun product I thought. I could use the Mantles if they are available. I am sure I have some Rangers from this set I can hook you up with.

  5. I wish I could like this set more, but I kind of hate it.