Thursday, September 2, 2010

Live Blaster Break: Pack 4--Nice Relic Hit

I didn't realize how much fun (read tedious) this process would be. However, it does make the blaster last longer so there are benefits. Let's move this along and be glad it's only a blaster and not a full box with 24 packs!

Pack 4

#145 Mike Piazza--it looks like Mike is wearing a Mumu--need it (the card, not the mumu)
#185 Miguel Cabrera--need it

Andre Ethier Piece of Greatness Black Bordered jersey relic #16/52

These black bordered relics fall 1:429 packs. That makes the third one of these blasters that have yielded both a relic and an auto.

BHP 60 Joba Chamberlain--need it
BHP 78 Brandon Hynick--need it
Checklist 1 of 3
#239 Danny Putnam--need it
#128 Willy Taveras--need it
#180 Alex Rios--need it

That was a pretty nice pack, but means the rest may offer slim pickings.

Since I've pulled two hits already and don't expect anymore, I'm going to hold off on opening the others until later.


  1. Great Ethier pull!

    Although that jersey scrap looks like it's flipping off my man Andre. Bad jersey scrap! Bad!

  2. Night Owl - That's hilarious.

    PATP - Good hit on the Andre Ethier. Can't wait to see what else you got.