Sunday, September 5, 2010

From Deflated to Elated to Deflated

I just saw the most infuriating end to a game in my recent memory. The Rangers were down 6-2 in the top of the 9th against the Twins. So, I'm deflated, thinking about the 3 game sweep. They eeked out two runs to make it 6-4. The bases were loaded with two outs. Vladimir Guerrero was batting and was 0-4 for the day. He hit what amounts to a single to deep short/shallow left which scored one run. I'm suddenly elated! Going around 3rd, Michael Young appeared to reach out to give a sort of high (medium) five to the third base coach. When the coach and Young realized the ball wasn't very deep, Young turned to dive back to third as the throw came in. The umpire called Young out because he and the coach made contact. That is so %*&#@# stupid! How could Young and the coach make that mistake! You've got a chance to score the 4th run of the inning to tie the game!!!!! So, now I'm back to deflated. Add in a little "I'm Pissed" and you get some idea of my current mood.

So that gives the Twins the three game sweep. Well, I shouldn't say give. They beat the Rangers for sure. Let's look at where this loss leaves the Rangers.

The Rangers are now 6-16 against the Rays, Yankees and Twins this season. That's right, the three teams they might be in the playoffs with have owned them. That's not even the worst part. How about a stellar 0-13 record on the road against those teams. That's downright scary and doesn't inspire a lot of confidence going forward.

I'm living and dying with every game, every at-bat at this point. I may be mad right now, but it's like being angry at your kid when they mess up. You get mad, you get over it and you still love them.

Can you believe I'm forced to hope the Angels beat the A's? I never root for the Angels. Ever.

By the way, here is the Rangers best hitter of the day.

Manager Ron Washington went 2-2 in the "Legends" Game before the Twins-Rangers matchup. Way to go Wash. Put yourself in the lineup tomorrow in Toronto.


  1. Washington was already up there in age by the time of that CMC card. He wasn't really a 'legend' yet, but he was a senior by that point. He'd just come off a stint in the short-lived Senior Professional Baseball League.