Sunday, September 19, 2010

Biggest Pull Ever

Technically this card came in a package from the Troll, not in a pack I opened. Actually, all three cards were in the package.

I had to scan these together just so you could see the size of this "pull".

The Vladimir Guerrero is a mini from the 2008 Heritage set. I didn't even know they had minis in that set. The Roger Pavlik is hilarious. It's a normal sized card and and he has a real live 1970's pornstache going. Not that I know what that looks like. Finally, it's the ginormous Lance Parrish card. This is a 1985 Topps card that obviously took PEDs. It measures 4 7/8" x 6 7/8" and is the biggest card I've ever seen (that isn't a 2010 A&G Cabinet Card). I don't know if those came in packs, but I'd like to bust a box of those big cards.

There will be more Troll terrificness coming up soon.

Thanks Troll!


  1. If you really want to open some of thee, let me know. I bought two boxes years ago for five bucks and ripped until I had a set. I've got some doubles and unopened packs lying around if you want the Big ripping experience.

  2. The minis in 2008 Heritage were exclusive to Target. In each blaster, you got a special pack of 4 of them. I believe they were also inserted in the regular retail Heritage packs at Target. There were 15 cards in the set.

  3. Dayf, I'd love to get any Rangers that you might have and some packs to open too. I can send you a few greenbacks or some Braves! Let me know. Hey, don't forget to put down your comment in my Gint-A-Cuff prize box giveaway. I posted it on Saturday!

  4. Commented... I'll pick out the Rangers and a few packs for you.

  5. "Unopened packs lying around." This is something I'll never know.