Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Contest Results

First, let's get to the auto.

That is the "John Hancock" of one Mr. Chuck Greenberg, new co-owner and CEO of the Texas Rangers. There were several guesses of Chuck Morgan, the long-time Rangers PA guy. He's a local legend and I would love to have his auto on something, but it isn't this program.

You may recall this program, which was used as part of an earlier contest.

That's the program I got George W. Bush's auto on when he was co-owner of the Rangers. Who knows what will happen to Chuck Greenberg now that I have his auto....big things, big, big things!

Anyway, on to the reason you're here. I'm assuming you're here. Hello? Bueller?

We had 16 people earn one early entry. We also had 6 people out of 18 that correctly guessed Chuck Greenberg. They get 5 entries for that. I entered 46 names in the randomizer at and the results are.....

BA Benny is our winner this month. He was one of two people with 6 entries ( one early, 5 for a correct guess). He'll be receiving an unopened blaster of 2007 Turkey Reds and the Strasburg from the Topps Value Box.
Congrats Benny!!

*I tried to blow that image up so I hope you can read it. *


  1. Just a comment to say I really like the new image at the top of the blog! :) Go figure.

  2. Agreed on the new image.

    I need to stop missing these contests . . . speaking of, I'll pimp my own here, you should enter :)

  3. I like the image too...I've been trying to trade for that card on the Topps MCG site. NO luck yet.

  4. Way cool! I an stoked to have won. I was checking all the players on the active roster when I read an article about how fan friendly the new co-owner was an his name fit the signature. Keep up the good work as you have one of the best blogs out here.

  5. how in the hell do you get greenberg out of that?
    the last i checked, greenberg started with a "G", and that ain't no G. Greenberg also has more than three letters.

    wow. and we complain about the players' sigs...