Saturday, September 25, 2010

Droppin' Some Coin

Due to a somewhat limited (read non-existent) budget for cards, there may not be any coin dropped on cards around these parts for awhile. Other than a couple of group breaks and mailing some cards, I may be done until the '11 Topps set hits the street.

With that said, I took a spin on the Collective Troll Slot Machine. I'm not sure it was a jackpot, but a few coins dropped out.

One of the packs the Troll sent over in his last package was this unopened 1989 Topps Baseball Coins. As you can see it contains 3 coins and 1 stick of gum.

Topps printed the checklist on the back of the pack. I guess they thought that would be easier to read than a checklist coin.

The scanner obviously didn't like these coins. The first one to drop out of the pack was Juan Samuel. I don't know much about Samuel. I do remember getting his cards back in the day, but I've never heard his name associated with things like these next two guys.

The Rocket...Roger Clemens. I'm not saying anything bad about Clemens. He only lives 5 hours from me and I would hate for him to drive up here and try to fight me. You know what they say about Roid Rage. Oops.

Last, but not least, is Mark McGwire. Skinny necked Mark McGwire.

When I saw Clemens and McGwire, I was certain the 21 year old gum was tainted with PEDS so I didn't chew it.

Once again the Troll has come through with a product I've never opened before. Many thanks Marck!

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