Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gint-A-Cuff Prize: The Final Hit

One last time, here is the list of participants in the Gint-A-Cuff prize box giveaway.

FanofReds (Nachos Grande)--Reds
Night Owl (Night Owl Cards)--Dodgers
Dan (The Other World)--Phillies
Mark (Mark's Ephemera)--Nationals--Adam Dunn
David (Indians Baseball Cards )--Indians
darkship (MidWest Cardboard)--Royals
Community Gum (Community Gum)--Cubs
Tunguska (Long Fly Ball To Because ...)--Blue Jays
Bud (First Day Issue)--Mariners
Marck (The Collective Troll)--Rays
dayf (Cardboard Junkie)--Braves--Yunel Escobar

The lucky 4th hit of the box is...

Joey Votto. This one goes to Chris over at Nachos Grande.
I'll get everyone's address and get these out asap. Thanks for playing.

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