Friday, September 24, 2010

Master of My Domain

Don't worry. This is a family friendly blog. If you don't get the reference, start watching Seinfeld reruns.

This is more swag from the one and only Collective Troll.

The Troll sent over three of these packs of 1993 Donruss Masters of the Game. These packs contain one 3 1/2" x 5" Dick Perez cards. I flipped the pack over and saw that the 16 card set contained two Rangers and Will Clark. I was hoping to get at least one of these guys when I opened the packs.

Lo and behold, I tear the first pack open and who do find? Will Clark, my favorite all-time player. That is great luck. Or so I think. This is a great card! The black border is a perfect fit with the Giants colors.

Here is a quick shot of the back of the card. It has a place for a stamp, but I wonder if anyone ever actually mailed one of these.

I started to tear open the second pack when I notice the end of the pack is open already. I slide out the card and find this...

Jose Canseco. One of the two Rangers in the set. Sly little Troll. He's already opened these and sent me the ones he knew I would want.

That left only the Nolan Ryan, which of course was in the last pack. These are a great addition to my collection, especially since I've never seen them and didn't know they existed.

As always, thanks a bunch Troll.


  1. Great title! Yes I am a pack searcher, yadda yadda yadda... Glad you liked the big cards...

  2. My favorite line in that episode was when Krammer is looking out the window, goes back to his apartment and returns with the money and Yells..."I'M OUT!"

  3. I have to acknowledge any Seinfeld reference. It is amazing how many cards there are out there that we've never seen. Those are new to me as well. That's part of the fun of blogging.

  4. Sooooooo many Clarks on this blog. I visibly recoil each time.