Thursday, September 2, 2010

Live Blaster Break: Pack 2

Wow, it appears I'm having some technical difficulty posting tonight. The problem is I've hit the enter key at the wrong time. Twice. Oh well, let's get to pack two of my 2007 Bowman Heritage Blaster.

Pack 2

#105 Pedro Martinez--need it
#81 Orlando Cabrera--need it

Sean Kazmar Signs of Greatness Auto.

This makes 3 autos from 3 blasters. Not bad at all. I don't know who this guy is though. I find it hard to believe, but the box says Kasmar is a Group G auto and those fall 1:4,800 packs. That is highly unlikely. I'm just sayin'.

#4 Todd Helton rainbow--need it
BHP 76 Chris Salamida--need it
BHP 40 J.R. Trowles--need it
#234 Ryan Braun--have it
#108 Rafael Furcal--need it

I've been pulling hits out of all these blasters. I wonder if they have any more....?

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