Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs 2 Prize Box in Hand...Come Get Some

Friday when I got the mail I found the prize for Gint-A-Cuffs 2 waiting for me. I have to thank Mark, aka the Commish, for sending it over. I also have to thank Topps for donating the prize. The idea that a big company would get behind our little blogo-contest is pretty cool.

I'm pretty sure Beardy is somewhat involved in the whole thing so I'll thank him as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have nearly the number of base cards that Chris over at Nachos Grande does, but I know he was going to have a giveaway if he won, so I thought I would try to do something as well.

Here's the plan. I'm going to bust the box on Sunday night. Before I do, I'd like to give all Gint-A-Cuffs 2 participants (and Mark too) a chance to get a card from the box. If you were a participant (or commish) this year, leave a comment with your favorite team and I'll give away the hits from the box. For example, if you list the Red Sox and I pull two Sox hits, they are yours. I know you had a favorite team for Gint-A-Cuffs, but I need it relisted below.

This will be FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED and only one person can pick each team.

I'll be keeping the toploader and any Rangers hits as well as what I need toward completing the base set. I'll be happy to share any dupes down the road.

I'm limiting this giveaway to participants from Gint-A-Cuffs 2! If you didn't participate, don't worry, I'll still be having my regular contest on October 1st.

This is a list of participants that I took straight from the Gint-A-Cuffs blog.
FanofReds (Nachos Grande)
Travis (PunkRockPaint)
Baseball Dad (All Tribe Baseball)
Night Owl (Night Owl Cards)
Cardsplitter (The Call of Cardboard)
Teddy (Mack's Mets)
The Wax Wombat (Wax Wombat!)
Motherscratcher (Achiever Card Blog)
Community Gum (Community Gum)
Slangon (Condtion: Poor)
22Byrdman22 (22Byrdman22)
Anthony K. (Balk Four)
Todd Uncommon (Todd Uncommon's Tomb)
Thrifty Ryan (Card Cache)

I know not all of the participants are followers of mine, so let any of your buddies know so they get a team. I'll post the hits on Tuesday morning!

Thanks and good luck getting a hit!


  1. Alright, I'll bite: I'll take the Reds.

    In other news, I'm still figuring out a way to give away that Ginter set of mine... I was thinking a "crack the code" thing, but Sharpe's code made me realize how hard I'd have to make it to make it fun!

  2. Dodgers. Thanks for making it easy.

  3. Thanks for your generosity. I'll take the Nationals.

  4. Hey, count me in! :-) Gotta love free Tribe cards! Thank you for your generosity!!

  5. I'm in for the Royals! Thanks for the "contest"

  6. Awesome! We'll take the Cubs, per usual! We actually still want to finish this base set too... anyone want to trade? Thanks! -Andy

  7. Congrats on winning, it was fun this year. I'll call the Jays cards.

    I'm working on my wantlist and will hopefully post soon. Anyone wanting to trade, email me your list.

  8. I'll take the Mariners please. Congrats on the win!

  9. Yeah, congrats on the victory my friend! I registered for Gint-a-cuffs but didn't actually participate... I finally bought my first retail pack this weekend. Anyway, if I qualify, I am in for the Rays! Still hoping for that CC rip card. Thanks by the way for this very generous offer...

  10. No one's picked the Braves yet?! Sign me up!!

  11. Ok, I'm about to bust it more entries. Good luck!

  12. I just got back into town after being gone for, well a long time. I'm just now seeing this. If you could find it in your heart to pass along any Red Sox mini cards...