Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cy Who?

I'm sure you've heard the talk about who will win the Cy Young Award in the A.L. this year. Quite a few people thing Felix Hernandez should be considered despite his win/loss record. Others say only David Price and C.C. Sabathia have a shot.

Let's have a little comparison shall we?

Win/Loss Record:

Felix Hernandez 13-12
David Price 19-6
C.C. Sabathia 21-7

Edge: Sabathia

Innings Pitched:

Felix Hernandez 249.2
David Price 207.2
C.C. Sabathia 237.2

Edge: Slightly to Hernandez

Earned Runs and ERA:

Felix Hernandez 63 ER, 2.27 ERA
David Price 63 ER, 2.73 ERA
C.C. Sabathia 84 ER, 3.18 ERA

Edge: Hernandez


Felix Hernandez 232 Ks/70 BBs
David Price 187 Ks/79 BBs
C.C. Sabathia 197 Ks/74 BBs

Edge: Hernandez


Felix Hernandez 1.06
David Price 1.20
C.C. Sabathia 1.19

Edge: Hernandez

Number of starts 8+ innings:

Felix Hernandez 16 of 34 (47.1%)
David Price 7 of 31 (22.3%)
C.C. Sabathia 10 of 34 (29.4%)

Edge: Hernandez

Run support in losses:

Felix Hernandez 14 runs/12 losses (1.16 runs/loss)
David Price 11 runs/6 losses (1.83 runs/loss)
C.C. Sabathia 12 runs/7 losses (1.71 runs/loss)

Edge: Hernandez gets the least run support. Period. Read on.

Run support in wins:

Felix Hernandez 73 runs/13 wins (5.62 runs/win)
David Price 149 runs/19 wins (7.84 runs/win)
C.C. Sabathia 157 runs/21 wins (7.47 runs/win)

Edge: Hernandez has to win with less help.

Times his team scored in double digits during his starts:

Felix Hernandez 1/34 (2.9%)
David Price 5/31 (16.1%)
C.C. Sabathia 7/34 (20.6%)

Edge: Again, Hernandez has to win with less.

Overall Run Support:

Felix Hernandez 104 runs/34 starts (3.06 runs/game)
David Price 163 runs/31 starts (5.26 runs/game)
C.C. Sabathia 193 runs/34 starts (5.68 runs/game)

Edge: Do I need to repeat myself? Hernandez does more with less than Price or Sabathia.

I'm sure some mathematician could use an algorithm to figure it out, but put Hernandez on either of those other teams and he probably has 25 wins.

I don't think King Felix will win the Cy Young, but you simply cannot say he doesn't deserve consideration. I certainly wouldn't argue if he won.


  1. He deserves it simply for not beating anyone up on the Mariners offense. What a season he has had.

  2. Gotta give it to Hernandez. Any other pitcher would be 10 games under .500 by now. It's not his fault the rest of the team does nothing for him.