Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The best "blaster" ever!

I'm sure most, if not all, of you have bought a retail blaster at some point. They normally cost $20, give a take a few cents, plus tax. This "blaster" came with 44 cards. It had one card I'll call an insert. I'm not going to be too wordy about the cards, I'm just going to show them.

If you haven't figured it out yet, this "blaster" I'm talking about isn't really a blaster. It was $20 though. A while back Jim from Garvey Cey Russell Lopes (GCRL) posted that he was at a card show looking at the bargain vintage cards. He asked if anyone wanted anything and I said I would reimburse him for $20 worth of vintage Washington Senators.

Let's just say Jim went above and beyond! I'll take $20 of this over a regular blaster any day.

That 1969 Deckle Edge Frank Howard is my first from that small set.

As if this wasn't enough, Jim included 84 different Rangers cards.

Jim, your money and a few Dodgers went out in the mail today!

Thanks again.
**The scanner was acting up. None of these cards is mis-cut.**


  1. Wow. That really puts "value" into perspective!
    Dinged Corners

  2. When I first saw that Hank Allen I thought it said Hank Aaron and almost freaked (because for $20...well, you know). Then I saw the "W" on the hat.

    Still, for $20 bucks...almost the best blaster ever.

  3. i noticed that there were lots of 'don' and 'dick's on the senators in the 60s. glad you like em - that 71 grzenda was in pretty good shape for the bargain bin, i thought.

  4. yep you really can't beat the vintage blaster.

  5. I don't imagine I'll ever put that many pics in a post again...but you never know! Thanks guys and thanks again to Jim. I included a little extra cabbage in your package for the trouble and time you went to for me!

  6. That's too many senators, you are officially being indicted on charges of vintage waxing poetic.