Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ballpark Giveaways

At the Rangers game last week, my kids played some of the games they have in the centerfield area. One of the games was like Plinko on the Price is Right. The first time through, the "prize" was a Rangers poster celebrating Latin players. My youngest son won a poster so my oldest wanted to try. Unfortunately, they were out of posters. The new prize was a couple of Rangers baseball cards.

These are "Limited Edition" DAV (Disabled American Veterans) cards. On the back it tells the purpose of the DAV organization and gives a website and contact number. I thought they were pretty neat little oddball cards of my kids two favorite players.

My youngest son played again so he could get the cards. I also saw an Ian Kinsler in the bucket, but they both got these same two cards.

I'm curious now about other oddball Rangers cards that may have been given away through the years. I remember getting Mother's Cookies Mariners team sets at the Kingdome when I lived near Seattle back in '89-91. I've never seen any Mother's Cookies Ranger sets.

Have you gotten any oddball cards from your team at the ballpark?


  1. I've got the 1995 Kahn's hot dogs Reds team set that I got when I went to (my only big league) double header. I've recently put them into binder sheets and am planning on scanning them someday soon.

  2. At a Royals game last year they gave my son a regular old Topps Royals team set at the ticket window.

  3. I remember the Orioles giving away perforated card sheets in the early 90s, and the sets featured mostly older guys.

    But speaking of DAV cards, I found a Brian Giles from this set behind the drawers in the kitchen when we moved in to our new house...

  4. The only oddball set I have got was at a minor league park (a DAV set in Tulsa). The Royals used to give out cards about a decade ago, but you had to be 14 or under to get them.