Friday, May 21, 2010

How do you store your card scans?

I seem to recall one of the bigger blog guys reported he lost something like several thousand scans when his computer crashed.

That got me thinking. How do you bloggers/collectors store your card scans? Just on your PC/Mac? Do you have a backup?

I have an external hard drive (1TB) and two flash drives. I use the external hard drive for storing family photos and videos mostly, but also for backing up my PC. I use the flash drives for the times when I can post from the J. O. B.

Now that you've all answered (or at least thought about) that question, I have another.

How do you title your card scans when you save them?

Do you use brand/year/player name? Maybe it's player name/brand/year. Are all your scans in one big file or broken down into brands, years, sets, players or some other system?

I'm curious because I'm to the point where I have enough pictures scanned that I need to organize them better. I was saving scans in files with the names of the people who traded them to me. That makes it a little difficult to find one when you want to post it for some reason other than the original trade post.

Here is the obligatory pic because we all like pictures in our posts!
Thanks for any input!


  1. I save everything to my hard drive, and then back it up once a month. (I know, it should be more...)
    the files get saved with the title-
    card #, player name, description ~ for example

    500 Chipper Jones Auto /99 or
    100 Dale Murphy base

    then each pic goes into an appropriate folder like 1976 Topps Baseball or Play at the Plate...

  2. I have all of my scans backed up on a second computer and also on a flash drive. Plus, since what I scan usually ends up on my blog, the files are also on Picassa.

    My saving format is Company, year, card #, player last name; ie Topps 1969 20 Banks. The files are kept in folders, by Company, with a subfolder for each year.

  3. I have them all on hard drive. None of which is backed up. I used to upload everything to photobucket and then link to it but it just got too time consuming.

    I name my files whatever I feel at the time. I don't have a real plan when it comes to that. They are in folders by set though.

  4. why don't you just upload your scans to Google Picasa Web Albums? It has a ton of storage room and your pictures/scans will then be assessable from multiple computers.

  5. I have mine on my hard drive. I am a bit compulsive when it comes to ordering, and I have a lot of sub-folders (comes from the brief time when I was creating databases for a living. So I have a "Card Scans" folder, a sub-folder for each company, a sub-folder for year, and a sub-folder for release.

    The naming format is year-company_card number_firstname_lastname_frontorback. For example, 10T_7_Mickey_Mantle_front.jpg

    Wow that looks unnecessarily confusing in print.

  6. I backup online all my scans, every single data for my 3 PCs on a single account at It has unlimited storage capacity plus 3GB free for trial if u don't mind a try. You set it first, next time it does it automatic even when ur idle. It's safe.

  7. I just label them with what they are. Example:
    1969 Topps #361.

  8. I think the best way to do this labeling is to name it what you want, but to tag the photos. You can tag the brand, team, year, and player. That way when you need a cubs card, you can find it with search. A topps card, a jeter... whatever you need!

  9. Thanks everyone, I knew that there would be a lot of different methods!

  10. I put all mine in a folder on my desktop labeled Recycle Bin. If I ever need one again it is on the blog and all I have to do is right click save as. Why waste storage space with card scans...