Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Method to the madness

Over the last week, I've asked 4 questions of my readers. The first post was "I'm not...are you?" and was about the level of boredom that seemed to be spreading among the bloggers. The next question was about the source of your team loyalty. The third question asked you to think about your player collection and how you decided a player deserved your collecting attention. The last question was about product, new and older.

I asked these questions to get people thinking about this hobby and why they are still collecting. I wanted people to re-connect with their collection in some way and escape the doldrums that have settled across the 'sphere'. I hope that at least one of you got a new perspective on your collection this week.

I do know that more people were reading those days. The days I posted the questions I had about a 25% increase in hits. I also had 34 comments on those 4 posts which may not seem like many to some, but is way above my average of 1-2 comments per post.


  1. I liked it, definitely got me thinking (especially about my player collections!) I sort of tiered them into 3 types now - my 3 main guys, the guys I'd pay decent money for, and the guys I will only really build through trades or cheap, cheap deals. I'm also thinking about adding two guys to that third tier...but do I really want to make that commitment? Lol.

  2. Got me thinking more about what I really want to collect and buy. I enjoyed it alot! Thanks.