Friday, May 21, 2010

Grand Prize Goodies from BA Benny

BA Benny recently held a contest. The idea was to create words using the letters on some Letterman type cards. Fortunately for me, the winners were randomized, so I stood a chance of winning top prize which included a choice of three of the letter cards. AND I did win. The First place package included a few random Rangers plus my choices.

Here are just a few of the cards:

I had to show this one because of the HUGE glasses.

I rarely buy Finest because of the cost and I like these even though they are not may favorite players.

These are the three Letter cards I chose from the prize pool.

2009 UD Icons James Shields Letterman #25/35.

2008 Razor Letterman Bobbie Ross-auto'd

2009 SP Authentic By the Letters Rookie Signatures Chris Stewart #65/75.

And my favorite card of the bunch was this one...

I'll be the first to admit bat cards have lost their appeal for the most part. However, this 2004 Upper Deck Etchings Hank Blalock is great. The bat sliver has been etched with the Rangers logo and looks really sharp.

BA Benny, thanks for the contest and the great extras as well!


  1. Very nice! I wanted to enter his contest pretty bad, but I kept drawing a blank. Great contest, great prizes and great post...

  2. Awesome cards, I've never seen a bat etching like that before.

  3. Good haul. I was eyeing that Shields card but I opted for the Ka'aihue card instead.