Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Autographed Cards...that Aren't

It has been a few days since the mail box brought me any joy. Yesterday I got a little package of 2010 Heritage from Zach over at Autographed Cards. Zach has the most amazing collection of autographed cards I've ever seen. You really should be checking out is collection on a daily basis.

Zach was kind enough to find a few cards from my 2010 Heritage wantlist and send them along. I don't really want to bore you with more Heritage cards, but I noticed something on a few of the cards.

Carlos Quentin and Mark Buehrle are each standing in front of the same wall.

Jon Niese and Josh Thole are standing in front of the same backstop and treeline.

Do the photographers just line the teams up and run them through the photo process like cattle? How about a little variety? I guess the theme for Heritage is "Let's be Boring" so this sure follows the theme.

I need some input from someone who has sold player photographs to a card company! Troll, what gives with these pics? Are the photographers that lazy or are they on a deadline and can't take the time to get decent shots? Maybe that was the mandate from Topps..."We want boring pictures or ELSE!!"
The more of these I see, the less inclined I feel to complete the set. Of course there isn't a lot of other stuff to do right now, so why not?

Zach, thanks for getting me a few steps closer to completing another set.


  1. Topps likely requested boring... Trying to get a job as a Topps photog is a near impossible task I have found, but those who get in are REALLY good and REALLY lazy at the same time. Probably comes from being frustrated from submitting amazing photos over and over again only to have them choose that crap. I love my Topps Heritage, but it aint cuz of the photography...

  2. I was just glad to help out. Thanks again for all of the Topps cards.