Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's Mojo?

I could not care less about Waldo, but Mojo is different story. I knew before I went the Ranger game last Thursday that Mojo, of Mojo and Beardy's Fantastic Card Blog, was going to be there. He said so in one of his blog posts. I thought it would be cool to meet him, but I didn't get around to emailing him beforehand.

I was waiting and hoping to get some autos with my sons on the Rangers side of the field and Mojo was over on the other side hoping to get Dallas Braden's auto. You can see the results of his wait right here on his blog. You've probably already read about my experience, but if not, check it out here.

After reading Mojo's post and seeing his picture, I went back and looked at the pictures I took.

That's Rangers centerfielder (for now at least) Julio Borbon doing some throwing drills. Can you see Mojo? No? Go here again and see what Mojo looks like. Now do you see him.

Maybe this will help.

That's Mojo, leaning on the rail in what he calls the "Pee Shirt". Hey, he said it, not me. I didn't know that was him until I read his blog.

Mojo makes some great pulls when he busts wax so I'm hoping just being this close will help me when Gint a Cuffs Part 2 rolls around.

Mojo, welcome to Texas, and specifically the North Texas area. I hope everything goes well with your new job!

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  1. That's great. Ha. Small world...even if it is a little bit bigger in Texas.