Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things you didn't know: Tony Gwynn is white!

I'm not joking about that. I've been writing about the greatness of Fleer Ultra lately. The 1999 version came with these Diamond Mine inserts. I should have scanned the back of one because they are funny. They were written as if Mr. Ultra was speaking to the player on the card.

Here we have regular Mark McGwire. You'll be so kind as to notice the shiny, silvery foil background.

Here we have a post-Dodger Mike Piazza with the same shiny background.

Let me introduce you to white Tony Gwynn. Over 10 years ago, this card came out of the pack without the foil background. You can see a couple of spotches just to the left of the Fleer Ultra logo. I don't know the story behind this other than to assume it was a printing error.

Have you ever seen/heard of this before with these cards?


  1. I've been saying that for years! Er, wait...

    That's pretty cool. If I was a Gwynn collector, I'd be all over that.

  2. Way cool, I love those error type cards. The Piazza looks sharp too. Nice set.