Monday, May 3, 2010

Topps MCG Giveaway Contest Brings Many Trade Offers plus my new favorite Jeter card

Last night, the second contest on the Topps MCG site ended. The contest will award a Johnny Bench auto'ed baseball to the person who has the most catchers in their portfolio.

I started trading for catchers on the Topps site as soon as I had unlocked cards to trade. I was looking to add Senators or vintage catchers to my portfolio and eventually my collection. I ended up with a number of beauties like this one:

As a matter of fact, I have 21 catchers in my portfolio. So far. That is nowhere near enough to win the contest, but that was never my goal. I want to turn every card I have on the site into one of three things. A Ranger. A Senator. Or a vintage catcher (preferably in the catching position).

As the catcher contest went along, I started getting trade offers by the dozens. I had the same people trying to trade for my catchers over and over. I came in to work tonight and had 28 trade offers. All those came in over the course of one hour, the time since I had last checked. I don't normally check in that often, especially since I don't have any codes to redeem, but with all the trade offers rolling in I've been checking more frequently. Most of the trade offers have been ridiculous....a 1987 Robin Yount for the Paul Casanova above. That sort of deal. One trade offer out of the 100+ I received over the weekend was too good to pass up.

Someone out there was so desperate to add another catcher to his collection that he wanted this:

and was willing to give up this:

Nothing personal against Barry Foote, but I'll give up one '79 for three '73s anyday. That's three cards closer to completing the '73 set.

On a side note, I just happened to be checking the site the other night and saw a Jeter card I'd never seen.

Ol' Johnny Jeter is rockin' that batting helmet and looks ready to hit one out. This is my new favorite Jeter card. You didn't think I had a favorite DEREK Jeter card did you?

Shame on you. You know me better than that.

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