Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In a little rut

My scanner is giving me trouble so I haven't been able to post some cards I've received in the last week or so.

I've been having the trading blahs. I've claimed a couple of cards and I need to find stuff to send those bloggers.

I have packages to mail to GCRL and RGB.

I want to have a look at Chicle for myself. I haven't seen any in my neck of the woods. I refuse to buy it at the local card shop because his prices are so far out of line with the real world. I'm not completely crazy about all that I've seen, but I like to pick up some to judge for myself.

(This is where I would normally show an image of a Chicle card, but I didn't want to "steal" one from another blogger.)

I think I might even buy a pack of two of Bowman just to have something new to open. If I could find it.

Having said all that, I'm not bored with the hobby. I'm still adding more vintage cards to the collection. I'm still sorting and organizing past purchases and hoping to get some "new" wantlists posted sometime this decade. I'm on the lookout for discounted blasters of past products. I'm putting away a few dollars here and there so I can get a couple of hobby boxes of 2010 A&G and be ready for Gint-a-Cuffs II.

So, the rut I'm in is minor. There are still so many things to enjoy and love about this hobby.

I recently busted a $20 "blaster" you won't believe.

Now, if I can just get that scanner back online...

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