Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May 1st and that makes it Contest Time

Earlier today I posted the 16th card in the Cards from the Old Man Series. If you've been reading those (and I'm really not sure anyone IS reading those) then you know they've been getting chronologically older as time goes by. Last week's card was from 1970 and today's card was from 1967. Next week's card will be older than a '67.

I have 5 of those cards left. All you need to do is leave a comment guessing the year of the LAST, thus OLDEST, card in the series. All people that guess the correct year will be entered on to name a winner. In the highly unlikely event that nobody guesses the correct year, ALL people who enter will be entered in the randomization. The winner will win some packs and some cards from their favorite team/player.

Remember, the winner will be eligible for the monthly winner contest at the end of the year.

BONUS Contest: If anyone is able to guess the name of the last player, I will send a prize to them as well. Players may only be chosen ONCE regardless of the year you choose. For example, if someone chose 1952 and Mickey Mantle (that's not it...just trust me) then someone else could pick 1952, but no one else could pick Mickey Mantle.