Thursday, May 20, 2010

How did Will Clark end up in the Great White North?

I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know things have been set right with the world because Brian from Waxaholic sent me a package in the mail. An unexpected package! Who doesn't love an unexpected package?

He fooled me by putting a 2010 Heritage Jarrod Saltalamacchia on top of the stack. He followed that up with 14 Will "The Thrill" cards.

This 2000 Pacific Aurora Will Clark goes first. It was the most recent card in the pack, but it still pains me to see him in an Orioles uni. He even has a pained expression on his face as if he knows I didn't want him to leave the Rangers.

Go back 8 years to 1992 Topps for this Will Clark "pre-Rangers" card. That's right, I didn't say Giants, I said "pre-Rangers".

Here is Will showing off his speed (ahem...) on a 1996 Bowman card.

I'm guessing this wasn't a homer judging from Will's reaction on this 1996 Select Certified card.

Brian, you can never go wrong sending me Will Clark cards so THANKS!

Oh, did I forget the UNOPENED wax from the Waxaholic. I would imagine it is normally a tough thing to get an addict to share with you. So for a Waxaholic to share unopened wax...well, that's something.

The ultra rare 1990 Fleer pack.

How about the even more rare 1990 Fleer Basketball pack! I think he sent this one because you can actually see the Mavericks Adrian Dantley through the front of the pack.

These were great packs to get and open because it took me back to a time when I bought a ton of product. When I say ton, I mean a literal ton of product. I was stationed on a boat in the Navy Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington in 1990 and there was a baseball card shop 5 minutes from the front gate. We would walk there and buy box after box after box.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Brian!


  1. I like "pre-Rangers"!

    Maybe I'll refer to Willie Mays' Giants cards as his "pre-Mets" cards.