Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did someone order a couple Piazzas

I couldn't wait until next week to post these two cards. I started appreciating Fleer Ultra yesterday and wanted to continue today with a couple more 2002 Ultra cards I found.

See if you can see what these two cards have in common.

I wouldn't normally feature a Yankees card AND a Giants card, but these two have a common feature that I liked. I choose to believe Tino's ball is headed foul.

I'm sure you guessed the common theme is a cameo by Mike Piazza. One against an American League team and one against a National League team. Unfortunately Mike is in a Mets uni, but I'm going to call this "post-Dodger" Mike.

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  1. These 2002 fleer ultras look pretty cool. I only know the 2006? fleer ultras. They have a pretty nice design too. Really cool action shots on these cards.