Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Follow-up to yesterday's Yankee rant

First off, let me thank all the people who commented on the Yankee post yesterday. It wasn't just Yankee haters who commented either and I appreciated hearing from some of the Yankee collectors.

As I reflected on and reread the post, I thought I could have expanded on it a little. I stand by what I wrote, but I have to make one concession to the Yankee fans. I can't argue that there are more Rangers fans (or Dodgers fans..or Rays fans...etc., etc) than Yankees fans. It's highly likely that the Yankees do have a larger fan-base than most other teams. I think that is only part of the reason you find more Yankees cards, especially hits, in products. I believe another reason so many Yankees are included in various products is the virtual All-Star lineup they put on the field on any given night. The entire infield, including the catcher and a number of pitchers, are going to be included in relic/auto/insert checklists if possible. There aren't many teams that can compete with the star power the Yankees possess.

One solution would be to bring back a product like Topps Total. It allows for the inclusion of everyone on my favorite team and gives me a big set to chase. It needs to be well designed and have good photos. It could have relics/autos or not...I could live without them in a product like that, but I know it might sell better with some type of hit included.

I know the Yankee issue isn't going away, but I would like things to be a little more equitable. Just to add a little fuel to the fire, yesterday my mother-in-law handed me a 2010 Topps Cereal Box. You know the one I'm talking has one of those special Chrome cards.

This is the Chrome card I pulled:

I can't get away from it.

Hopefully, one of these won't be so bad. Or I'll pull a Babe Ruth bat. That's a Yankee relic I wouldn't mind pulling.


  1. great card... ill take that off your hands

  2. The Cereal Box Chrome cards are for "retired players" yet the checklist includes Mo and Pujols. Trust me, that pisses me off too.

  3. Hey I like that one, if Scott can't claim it