Monday, May 10, 2010

Cards from On Card Autos

Not to be confused with my recent "Autographed Cards...that Aren't" post, these are cards from Chris over at On Card Autos. Chris is a Cubs fan, but I don't think I sent him any Cubs cards. I did send him a short stack of Nomar Garciaparra inserts. He sent me two stuffed team set bags full of Rangers.

I pulled out a 5 to show off. Or make fun decide.

The first two are from a product I bought two rack packs of....and that was it.

A couple of Rangers related cards from 2010 Upper Deck. You can tell by the big T that is pretty clear on Young and Holland's caps that they are Rangers. I'm just sayin'. My son wants to give the checklist card the baby powder treatment and send it TTM to the Rangers. I told him that it might not come back. He said "It's a checklist, it's worth the risk".

These next two didn't scan well, but they are cool nonetheless.

You can sort of get the idea of how these 1994 Sportflics cards look on the Tom Henke at the top. You can almost see both images. I have a few of these lying around and my son thought it was really cool.

I saved my favorite card of the pack for last.

I know it's only Julio Franco, but it's a 1993 Flair Julio Franco. I think I've mentioned before how much I like these cards. The photography is good, the cardstock feels like your holding something...I just like it. Even if Julio does have a bat protruding from his head.

Chris, thanks for the cards. I hope we can trade again sometime.

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