Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two of my favorite "new" non-sport sportscards

No, this isn't one of them.

These cards came to me courtesy of Thorzul's 2009 Piece of (S)History Group Break. I didn't get anything noteworthy for the Rangers, but I ended up getting randomized into an "Old School" Will Ferrell relic. Contrary to what some people have said, this card does NOT smell like Ferrell's butt.

The two best cards were a couple of the historical moments cards.

I served aboard a U.S. Navy submarine during my youth so this card was a nice reminder of those days (although they came much later than the sub pictured).

This is the "First Atomic Sub Launched" card, commemorating the first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus. You can still tour the USS Nautilus and a museum in Groton, Connecticut. It's interesting enough to go through once and I was fortunate enough to tour it when I was at Submarine School in Groton.

The Nautilus was the first vessel to travel under the Arctic ice cap. That must have been wee bit harrowing for those sailors.

While serving in the Navy, I was privileged to serve in one of the most famous locations in U.S. History.

Having full access to Pearl Harbor and just being able to walk around with the knowledge that it was the sight of one of the singular turning points in our nation's history was awe inspiring. You can still (or could when I was there in the early '90s) see where all those great ships were moored when the attack occured.

As some of you know, serving in the military isn't always easy, but it is very rewarding. Seeing these two cards brought back a flood of memories and reminded me of a great time in my life.

It's not often I see a card that has that much meaning, but these two certainly do and I have to say that for once, I was happy to see a non-sports card come out of a pack.


  1. Excellent cards and post. I am glad you got two cards that bring back good memories of your military past.

    Still looking for Ranger cards for you!

  2. Didn't know you were in the Navy...I grew up in Connecticut and we went on class trips to the museum in Groton quite often... My Mom's side of the the family were Navy folks, my Dads were Air Force. My brother was in the Army, but I skipped that... Very cool cards.

  3. Thanks Doc!

    Troll, it's funny to think that you went there as a kid. When was that?