Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little League Season Is Over

My son finished his first season of Little League baseball over the weekend. I wish I could say his first experience was great, but he spent a great deal of the season frustrated and disappointed. (Wait until he's been a Rangers fan for a few years.)

His team ended up 1-11-1. Coming off an undefeated basketball season, it was really rough on him. Stats wise, he ended up rather Mendoza like. He went 3-15 for a .200 average. He had 12 strikeouts and 7 walks so maybe he'll be a power hitter. He had 5 RBIs and scored 2 runs. He stole 4 bases (Little League steals) and was caught stealing once. In the field, he made one great play at first and one great play in center. Three balls got by him in the outfield and he backed up a number of plays well.

Overall, I thought he did OK considering it was his first year. He really started getting nervous as the season went on and didn't want to swing the bat. EVER. Most of his walks and all of his strikeouts except one took place without him swinging the bat even once. That's the one thing I need to work on with him most before the Fall season comes around.

Mom does not want me to post his picture online so I'll leave you with one of his favorite player.

I know I just showed this Michael Young yesterday, but I really, really like. And so does my son!


  1. little league is over in may???? what do kids do in the summer???

  2. We won't be playing organized baseball. We WILL be preparing for the Fall league.

  3. is that because of the heat down there?

  4. I guess it must be. It's hot already. Something like 94 today.