Saturday, May 22, 2010

Appreciating Fleer Ultra

I found a healthy stack of Fleer Ultra cards the other day when I was looking for some trade package filler. It's easy to forget how great some of the photography was in Fleer Ultra. I'm a sucker for crisp, clean photographs on cards and Fleer Ultra delivered.

Catchin' on...

I had to start with a player favorite....2002 Fleer Ultra Rusty Greer. That's trademark Rusty right there. He's going into a slide or dive after a ball. The design is simple and unobtrusive. The names can be a little difficult to read on some of these.

What a great shot of Gary Sheffield. The intense concentration is so clear and the ball is right there.

Maggs doesn't have the greatest facial expression, but like Sheffield, you get a real feel for how intense he is.

I'll end this first post with one of the more humorous cards I found.

"When I started playing my head was small and now, after years of being "Balconized", my head is this big."

Here is the back of the 2002 card. It's quite busy and has a variety of colors, but it works. It gives a fair amount of stats and a little highlight of something that happened that season.

I'll be back with more of these 2002s and some 2003s next week.

***NOTE: The spots on the cards ARE on the cards. That's a lesson to you youngsters...don't store your cards out in the garage. They can and will stick together eventually. ***


  1. Fleer Ultra was one of my favorite brands. And then they got rid of it. Fleer was also great. And then they got rid of it. I also liked Topps Turkey Red. And then they got rid of it. (sort of). Now we have Upper Deck cards without team logos and Chicle cards with funny looking drawings on them. Ah, now I feel better.

  2. I really like Fleer's too bad what happened to the brand.