Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm not...are you?


That's the word I see floating around the blog-o-you know what. People are bored with cards, bored with blogging and bored with the hobby in general.

Well, I'm not. Not with the hobby at least. Sure, 2010 releases are few and far between and that's a problem. I am tired of Topps Series 1, but I'm still having fun with the MCG site. Lots of trading and turning unwanted cards into wanted ones.

For everyone who was tired of too many products hitting the shelves, how do you feel now? The pendulum has swung ALL the way to the other side now and you can't find enough new product to keep you excited. Chicle isn't doing it for me (maybe because I haven't opened any).

I'm not tired of blogging even though it's been a little tougher coming up with topic ideas. As I approach 400 posts, I'm not sure if I have it in me to be around to celebrate even a one year anniversary in October, but I'm going stop worrying so much about having two posts every day and go with whatever happens. This is supposed to be fun, not feel like a chore. So far it's still fun.

I'm not tired of the hobby. This lull in new product is giving me a chance to focus on doing some organizing, put together some wantlists and sort more cards into trade piles. More importantly, I'm getting back in touch with what I really love...vintage cards. I'm in the beginning stages of putting together the '73 set and very slowly starting to pick up some '65s as well. Between those sets and trying to get a complete checklist for the Senators, that's enough to keep me from getting bored.

Still...I'm ready for Topps Series 2.


  1. I'm never bored with collecting!

    True, there's nothing new worth spending money on, but I, too, have a love for vintage. Only difference between you and I is that I mean "junk wax" when I say it! I've been scouring ebay and the LCS for old boxes of stuff like 92 Donruss, Fleer, etc. Picked up some 88 and 89 Topps Yearbook Stickers just the other day... five bucks a box! MSRP is $0.25... 48 packs per box... you do the math. I robbed them.

  2. I'm not bored either.There are still a lot of older cards I want for my collection and still things I want to post about.A few more products would be nice,but this is more what it was like in the 60's.Trading always keeps me occupied.I just love baseball,cards and collecting!

  3. I've been getting pretty bored with the hobby lately. I don't read the blogs as much as I should and the Topps cards just aren't doing it for me. I haven't spent any money on packs in about a month. I still love getting autographs, but I've been saving my money for checkoutmycards.com. That way I can get the cards I need to get signed instead of getting a bunch of Jeters, A-Rods, and Mantles that I will never get signed. But, that is just me. I'm not quite tired of blogging, but I am more apt to miss a day than I have been in the past.

  4. I'm not bored at all. I just love the hobby in itself. Theres tons of old sets you can always put together as well as trades that keep me occupied.

  5. I just spent 30 bucks on vintage cards from 1970-1973 today. Normally that money would have gone to Heritage or Chicle but Heritage is played out (TWO completely filled jumbo gravity feeds at the local Target - all searched) and the Chicle is going through the 'just released drive up the price to ridiculous levels before flooding the market with retail' thing that always happens with this stuff. I'm not sure if I'm bored, jaded or just frustrated at this point.

  6. I wouldn't say boredom is the word for us. It's more lack of time. Full-time job and another website to produce for (itsnotabook.com) makes it tough to post consistently.

    I like the gap in products, because 1) it allows me to take time and enjoy the ones I buy and 2) it allows me more money to revisit stuff I missed during my non-collecting years. Because of that second one, I'm reinvigorated about the hobby - just not as much of the new stuff.

  7. I'm not bored and I hope my blog isn't too boring.