Sunday, May 2, 2010

Play at the Plate 15: Tony Pena vs. Jose Canseco

Today's play at the play card requires a trip in the way-back machine. We head back to 1991 for a matchup between the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A's.

1992 Leaf Tony Pena

June 9, 1991 Boston Red Sox vs. Oakland A's

Boston is trying to complete a three game sweep of the A's. It's the bottom of the first with the score 0-0. Rickey Henderson popped out to second. Dave Henderson hits a single and that brings Jose Canseco to the plate. He lines a single to left, moving Henderson up to second base. Harold Baines takes his place in the batters box and hits a double to left. Henderson scores. Canseco rounds third as he heads for home and this is what happens:

Left fielder Mike Greenwell fires the ball in from left and the throw is HIGH! Canseco is safe, Baines moves to third on the throw and would later score on a wild pitch. The A's go on to win 8-0, salvaging one game from the series.

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