Friday, March 8, 2013

Another BLAHster of Heritage

Before we get to the contents of my second blaster, I have to say something about Heritage. 

I think some people expect too much from it.  It's not a vintage set.  It's not ever going to FEEL like a real, honest to goodness 1964 card.  It's glossy and shiny and tricked up just like everything else Topps puts out.  It's a 2013 product for heaven's sake. 

Sure, I wish they used the same old cardstock as earlier Heritage sets, but let's not make Heritage something it's not.  You want real, old fashioned vintage cards, then go buy real, old fashioned vintage cards.  Otherwise, it's buyer beware.  We've all been burned enough times by Topps in the last few years to know that.  I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Topps is Topps and that ain't going to change. Not just because a few of us bloggers think they're 'f'ing things up. 

Anyway, here is a portion of what I got in blaster #2. 

Hey, waddya know, an actual insert.  These things don't fall even one per blaster.  Good luck getting all of them.

The second pack was a Rangers feast.  David Murphy, leading candidate to be my new favorite current Ranger.  That's a mouthful of a title.

Adrian Beltre.  Should he get an interview for that position too? 

Hey, it's mini smiling smirking Adrian Beltre head.  Three Rangers in one pack is a win in my book. 

Then and Now inserts are almost 1:2 blasters.  Come on Topps.  This is supposed to be a set builders wet dream. 

"Dude looks like a lady Randy Johnson!"

Wrong.  Just wrong.  Let's stop airbrushing guys into their new uniforms please. 

This is probably the ONE Flashback card I'll want.  Of course, I haven't seen the rest so that may not be true. 

SP baby!

Great googly moogly.  Joe Mauer has a MASSIVE head.  I just want to scream at the photographer ZOOM OUT, ZOOM OUT!! 

Billy Freakin' Butler.  What else do I say? 

Um, no Brendan.  Just no.  Grooming issues abound and no one and I mean NO ONE should be photographed looking like that.  He looks like he came straight off the set of Swamp People and I don't even watch Swamp People.  Ok, maybe I watched one episode. 

I got this SP in what was otherwise the worst pack for me this year.   And by worst pack, I mean I also got the following assortment of hell:

That's right, 1 Giant, 1 Angel and 3, count 'em, 3 Yankees.   I almost threw the cards down in disgust. 

Now that's a great photo.  Classic and vintage.

Giant head SP again!  These things will scare the pee right out of you when you see them. 

My special, limited edition, highly sought after SP Blue bordered R.A. Dickey.  Former Ranger.  I have to admit the blue border looks good on the Jays. 

There you have it.  I'll be forced to get any remaining Heritage via trade 'cause I'm not giving Topps any more of my money on this product. 

Not that I'm complaining or anything. 


  1. "Hey, waddya know, an actual insert. These things don't fall even one per blaster. Good luck getting all of them."

    But what is my chances of getting "that one"?

    And if you decide to part with the Yaz...

  2. I like the look of the blue borders in this year's Heritage.

    Don't the SPs begin with #426? Unfortunately I think that would make ol' Big Head Votto just a regular base card :(

  3. You were right, the R.A. Dickey blue border is definitely something I would be interested in.

  4. Heritage isn't my cup of tea. I really want to like it. I like the vintage cards, and I like a LOT of the throwback issues, probably more than I should. I like that it uses somewhat old-style card stock. But let's face it - old card stock is actually pretty thin and flimsy, as far as I remember from the vintage I've handled. Heritage stock was thicker and stronger in the past. I like that they duplicate errors and variations found in prior years, but at the same time either the image quality should improve (modern-day quality on vintage designs) or be more accurate (I always feel like Heritage images are just run through a filter to make them look bad - the pictures on my vintage cards may not be super-vibrant but they look real).

    Add to that: the inserts just don't feel like inserts. The inserts and other releases I'm familiar with through the years were quite different from the base set (other than, for example, the cloth test issues). I enjoy the Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks a bit - it's good to have a bit of a history lesson included. But I view the insert offerings as a wasted opportunity. They could do the inserts now found in Lineage/Archives.

    And I HATE the gigantic TM/(C) symbols next to the team (and AL/NL) names. Does MLB Properties require them to be so visible on the front?

    Anyway, keep up the fun posts.

  5. I've yet to buy any Heritage so far, but I might get a pack or two today after work. Sounds like I'm going to be disappointed.

  6. Too many people got a thrill out of Heritage because of the cardboard. It's worth pointing out when Topps suddenly throws everyone a curveball.

    1. Yeah, it is important to note - but it wasn't exactly authentic to me in prior years. I haven't actually had any 2013 Heritage in my hands to have an opinion on it.

  7. Nice blaster. That blue bordered Dickey is pretty cool.